Company Culture

The trend of global warming is increasing, which brings a series of environmental problems, glaciers melting, sea level rising, biological diversity destruction, more extreme weather, threat to human survival environment. The human beings have reached a consensus that we must protect the Earth and create a green environment with low carbon.

Sidite has been specialized in the field of solar water heater up to 15 years,within 15 years, Sidite not only accumulated leading technology and rich experience in manufacturing, but also supply more than 20 million sets solar water heater to the worldwide. One set of solar water heater can save 1500kWh electric energy, 408kg Reducing carbon emissions and 1177kg carbon dioxide per year. Sidite solar water heater has reduced 81.6 million tons carbon emissions and 235.4 million tons carbon dioxide since 10 years.

Sidite will ever on the way of energy conservation and environment protection, constant innovation, creating the green life by our advanced solar thermal technology!