The Anniversary Festival for Zhejiang Sidite Solar

“The Anniversary Festival for Zhejiang Sidite Solar Energy Project of Nanchang University natatorium  & The Press Conference for Nanchang University Solar Energy Exploitation Achievements”  has been held on March 26th 2010. The Nanchang University natatorium

became the biggest Solar Energy natatorium  in China,which was built by Zhejiang Sidite New Energy Co., Ltd.

 The Anniversary Festival for Zhejiang Sidite Solar Energy Project of Nanchang University natatorium  & The Press Conference for Nanchang University Solar Energy Exploitation Achievements


The General Manager of  Zhejiang sidite new energy co.,ltd--Qiu Peizhong made speech on the Anniversary Festival

Nanchang University natatorium is the largest solar energy natatorium in China,the solar collector area come up to 2700 square meters, it could provide 200 tons hot water the hot water for the Swimming pool, diving pool and the shower system in the natatorium is all heated by the solar energy.


Leaders of Nanchang University and honored guests

In the low carbon economy background,besides uesd in the domestic water ,the solar thermal energy also uesd in more and more areas.

the natatorium’s whole area measurement of is 19,000 square meters, which has the most advanced facilitres in china . The natatorium and the diving pool has meeting the international standards. Nanchang University natatorium, actively built green, low carbon natatorium, solving the  Supply of natatorium, diving pool and shower system hot water .


The solar water heating project for the natatorium of Nanchang University

The honored guests of the Anniversary Festival had a visit on the project

Nanchang University Natatorium composed of more than 20,000 vacuum tubes. After a year’s operation, the energy saving effect is obvious. According to statistics, it’s annual saving reaches to 405 tons of standard coal, electrical energy saving reaches to 1,125,090 kwh, natural gas saving is 21.6886 million cubic meters, and it reduced 891 tons of carbon dioxide. The annual environmental benefits is 202,600 yuan.

According to the general manager of Sidite-Qiu Peizhong’s introduction, lots of natatorium built every year ,it caused energy consumption and air pollution. But at the same time, the environmental protection concept has been widely accepted, many natatorium began to choose the solar energy as the alternative energy sources. Sidite has the maturity technology in the construction of solar energy swimming pool. It successfully completed more than 10 solar hot water project, such as the Nanchang University project, Jiaxing college project, Haining swimming pool project and other large swimming pool projects. Nanchang University swimming pool has became the largest solar  energy natatorium in China, it used the most advanced digital design. The Long Distance Control System not only reflect the normal operation of the state and parameters accurately and quickly, but also reflect device status and the unusual circumstances of the accident timely, and implement security controls automatically, it has the strong protection for the absolute security of the equipment during the operation, and it keeps the water temperature maintained at the comfortable 26 degrees.


The general manager of zhejiang sidite new energy co.,ltd , Qiu Peizhong (right) and the president of Nanchang University ,Zhou Wenbin (left) 

 According to the future development trend of solar swimming pool, Sidite implements “LC energy replace strategy”, plans to in the future five years construct 100 large solar water heat project mainly to solar swimming pool, the new low-carbon energy such as solar energy and terrestrial heat replaces the traditional energy such coal and electric, supports state to save energy and reduce emission, at the same time of pursuing the sustainable development of enterprise, undertakes a responsibility for the harmony of human society and environment.