Inaugural meeting for Sidite Henan Marketing Company had a smooth satrt

August 22, 2012, with support of the company headquarters and distributors in Henan province, Sidite Henan Sales Company was officially established. Thirty excellent distributors were invited to attend the inaugural meeting.

When the host announced the establishment of Henan Sales Company, the venue burst out prolonged applause. Then the Branch Manager Mr. Cao Yufang delivered his speech concerned with the operating principle: "integrity, pragmatic, innovation and enterprising". The business manager of the Henan Sales Company shared his marketing ideas and experience which immediately won recognition of the distributors. The headquarters would put more business teams in Henan to provide serve and guidance for market in Henan.

After the meeting, distributors actively exchanged their ideas and thought that it had long been the common dream to establish the Sales Company. To better serve distributors and customers, the Sales Company would respond positively to promote the business and corporate with the headquarters. Many hands make light work; we believe we will have a bigger and mature market in Henan province!