The fourth quarter marketing conference was held smoothly

On the morning of October 22, Sidite held the fourth quarter marketing meeting attended by representatives of business managers, other participants including representatives from the Production Department, the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Finance. The meeting was presided over by manager Chen Cong.

On the meeting, Mr. Zhanming, vice president of marketing, positioned Sidite as one of the main powers for building leading brands in the second-tier city. Next Sidite would take a series of actions to build the brand. During the meeting, the sale staff was reshuffled according to their work area and our new strategy.

The working principles of marketing centers were also made clear on the meeting: effect-oriented, targeted and strong execution, solidarity and cooperation. All our services must be provided with the compliance of these principles. The market awareness and service awareness need to be strengthened so that we can carry out the work to meet the needs of the market and our customers.

The configuration of new products was approved on the meeting, and the products will be unveiled in the near future. The introduction of new products shows Sidite’s competitiveness in solar energy terminal products. We are now on the way of making greater achievements in 2013.